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Welcome to D-Oscars Organization

As individuals who have also witnessed the struggles of the less privileged Sierra Leoneans both in the DMV and in our mother country, we wish to share our blessings and help our brothers and sisters get a better life they can have. We have plenty of programs designed to help them out.

We look forward to the contributions of those who believe in us, in our mission and in the right of the Sierra Leoneans for education and a brighter future. Join us today!

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Our Programs

Our programs include raising funds and materials to meet our purpose of helping the less privileged in Sierra Leone. The programs' main focus is education as the government embarks on free education for the country.

  • We also want to help the Sierra Leonean community within the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) area that are less privileged.
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Mission Statement

The mission of D-Oscars Organization is to uplift the lives of less privileged Sierra Leoneans by promoting their education and implementing other sustainable programs beneficial to them.

Be Part of Making a Difference

We welcome every individual who shares the same mission that we have. You definitely can do something to help our recipients.

We invite you to become a part of making a difference within the Sierra Leonean community. Find out what you can do to help us in our mission.

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