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Serving our purpose, fulfilling our goal

D-Oscars Organization is a charity organization that focuses on helping less privileged Sierra Leoneans in making a brighter future for themselves. We serve individuals in Sierra Leone as well as Sierra Leoneans who are currently residing within the DMV area.

While we do give our best effort to providing assistance to our recipients, we know that we cannot do everything alone. Our organization aims to unite people who believe the cause – our mission:

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β€œThe mission of D-Oscars Organization is to uplift the lives of less privileged Sierra Leoneans by promoting their education and implementing other sustainable programs beneficial to them.”

We’d be glad to accept your assistance – whether it may be sponsorship, donation, or volunteering. Together, let us be the catalyst of change in the lives of many Sierra Leoneans.

For more information on our organization, please call 571-502-0061. One of our friendly members will answer your questions.

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