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Find out what programs we have developed as part of our mission.
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A lot of people are living in poverty, suffering from its effects especially when it comes to their basic needs. D-Oscars Organization aims to address poverty, serving the less privileged brothers and sisters within the Sierra Leonean community, both in our mother country and in the DMV area.

Addressing poverty issues inspire us to develop programs that benefit our recipients. We develop these programs with the welfare of our recipients in mind. Our programs are characterized by the following:

  • We put our main focus on education. We believe that education equips people with the skills necessary to help themselves up and battle poverty.
  • The programs are designed to raise funds and materials which will be used for the upliftment of the lives of our recipients.

Implementing these programs require a lot of work. We invite you to join us in realizing these programs to make our mission a reality and make the lives of our recipients better.

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